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Bapu's Art
Bapu has a unique style of paintings. He is known for his economy of strokes which indicate no background litter and an absolutely free hand drawing. Whether it is Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Bhagavatha, Amukthamaalyada or Annamaacharya Keerthana or Dasaradhi's translations of Ghalib's Ghazals, the central idea of his paintings is captured and presented in an evocative fashion which is very simple yet heartening at the same time. Steeped in tradition, his works depict the true Indian and Telugu culture.
Art Categories

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Hindu Mythology

Bapu specializes in Hindu mythological characters and has painted the Hindu epic Ramayana as a pictorial story. In all his arts men show valour and extreme kindness and all his female characters are depicted in rich ethnic glamour and dignity.

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Life Art

The phrase "Bapu Bomma" (Bapu's painting) has become synonymous with a beautiful Telugu girl. Another character called "Rendu Jadala Seetha" (Seetha with two plaits) later became a synonym for any girl wearing her hair in two plaits.

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Bapu Cartoons

Today the phrase "Bapu Cartoon" has come to connote an entire cartoon category in its own right. The Bapu Cartoon is distinctive in style and substance. Bapu has masterfully translated everyday occurances into extremely humorous strokes and words. The cartoons stand out as a testament to Bapu's ingenuity not only in his drawing but in his appreciation of humour and satire as well.

Cover Art

Bapu has created artwork for scores of magazine and book covers. The presence of graceful Bapu's art on the cover adds a tasteful touch to the book and instantly elevates it in the opinion of the reader.

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