Of the eighteen Mahapuranas, Vayu or Vayaviya Puranam occupies an important place. It is primarily considered as a Siva Puranam, but it gives due importance to the other two major deities, Brahman and Vishnu.
The Vayu Puranam is divided into four padas 1) Prakriya Pada, 2) Upadghata Pada, 3) Anusanga Pada, 4) Upasamhara Pada. It states that the Ultimate is Maheshwara. It describes the creation of progenies, various orders and stages of life, including the creation of Devas.
In 2010, Sri Bapu illustrated 16 slokas from the Vayu Puranam for the GMR Group. These 16 slokas relate to Pinda Pradanam or offerings of rice balls to ancestors and they are dedicated to the mother. At the time of her passing away and as part of the funeral rites that are performed by the son, rice balls are offered to appease her for all the hardships she endured during the birth of her child.
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